An excerption from the video Sacrifice, created in 2021. The work was presented during the exhibition Extended Version at Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Burgos CAB, Spain, in 2021. A catalogue was published alongside the exhibition with essays by Javier del Campo and Pedro Paricio.

Un extracto de la obra Sacrificio, creada en 2021. La obra se presentó durante la exposición Versión Extendida en el Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Burgos CAB, en 2021. Junto a la exposición se publicó un catálogo con ensayos de Javier del Campo y Pedro Paricio.


SACRIFICE [excerpt]
11m 34s
[helicopters: The Killing Fields, dir. Roland Joffé, 1984]



[ENG] – [ESP]

SACRIFICE [ video] 2021
DAYS OF 1978 [etching] 2021
GENESIS [ audio] 2021
REDUX [ video] 2021
DIRECTOR´S CUT [on paper] 2019-2021
PIERROT [installation] 2019-2021
BIOPIC [painting] 2019-2021
AFTER PABLO PICASSO [painting] 2017-2019
AFTER VOLLARD SUITE [etching] 2018
QUANTUM [sculpture] 2016-2018
STARS [sculpture] 2016-2018
GALLAXIES 2016 [sculpture]
PARTICLES [painting] 2016
DREAMS [painting] 2015-2016
SHAMAN [painting] 2012-2014
THE SPIRIT OF PAITING [on paper] 2013-2015
DIARY OF AN ARTIST [painting] 2011-2013
MAGIC CHARMS [painting] 2012
MASTER PAINTERS [painting] 2011
CANARY RITUAL MASKS [on paper] 2011
SIZE ME [painting] 2010
LOOK LIKE [painting] 2009
DIALOGUES [painting] 2009-2010
DIGITAL PAITING [painting] 2009
AFTER FRANCIS BACON [painting] 2009
DESECTRUCTURES [painting] 2008-2009
TRIBUTES [on paper] 2007-2009
THE CANARY PARADISE [painting] 2007-2010

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