“The Next Revolution will be Poetic”
Pedro Paricio

   Paricio is originally from the Canarian island of Tenerife and studied Fine Arts in Tenerife, Salamanca and Barcelona, graduating in this last city in 2006. Having lived and worked in London, he has recently returned to Tenerife where he lives and holds his main studio. As a young artist, Paricio has always been focused on painting and its role within contemporary art theory and practice today. His interests lie in the influence that pop culture, internet and the digital era has had on traditional painting. His painting technique employs a mixture of photography, graphite drawing and collage, all carefully configured onto canvas. He has a delineated field of prismatic acrylic colours that he uses to add a colourful pop appeal to the paintings. He has found inspiration in western masters from Raphael to Caravaggio to Bacon.

   Paricio has had several sell out exhibitions since his first showing Master Painters (2011), at Halcyon Gallery. This was quickly followed The Theatre of Painting (2012), a solo museum exhibition, staged at the Institute of Culture and Arts of Seville curated by Former Director of the Reina Sofia and former International Director of the Cervantes Institute, Spain, Don. Juan Manuel Bonet, Spain (Now!) Art Festival, Spanish Embassy, London (2010 and 2011). Diary of an Artist and Other Stories (2012) at Halcyon Gallery, London. In early 2013, he took part in the Gabinete de Curiosidades, at the Plataforma Arte Contemporáneo (PAC), Madrid, and the Art Madrid Maestros Art Fair, Madrid.

   Shaman (2014) – represented a body of work in which Paricio explored the ancient shamanistic traditions of his home in Tenerife. Elogio de la Pintura (2014), was created specifically for an exhibition at TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes, a dynamic art space designed by Herzog and De Meuron that holds the world’s most important collection of works by the Surrealist painter Oscar Dominguez. Dreams (2016) at Halcyon Gallery was his most political series to date. The artist tackled subjects including gun crime and the refugee crisis.

   From 2016 till now Paricio has devoted his time to the completion of Paricio·Picasso (2019). Over two years in the making, this seminal exhibition sees Paricio take up the gauntlet through new paintings, sculptures, works on paper and print, that are both a dialogue with and a homage to one of the greatest artists in history, Pablo Picasso. In this series Pedro Paricio explores the fundamentals of one of the founding fathers of modernism and how his work has been a great inspiration. This new exhibition at Halcyon Gallery will include both artworks by Pedro Paricio and Pablo Picasso, showcasing Paricio’s act of homage to the Málaga master. Taking art critic David Sylvester’s words on Picasso as a starting point, Paricio decided to confront and create his own dialogue with the Malagueño master:

‘In any event, Picasso is the issue, Picasso is the one to beat, Picasso is the fastest gun in the West, the one every budding gunfighter has to beat to the draw in order to prove himself.’ David Sylvester, About Modern Art: Critical Essays, 1948-1996 (London, 1997), p.30.

   The exhibition does not only illustrate the influence that Picasso has exerted on Pedro Paricio over the years in his painting, but also in his creative freedom. Paricio, much like Picasso, is a free spirit with the same capacity to reinvent himself as the Málaga master did, exploring over time different periods or pictorial styles. It is also significant to note how the changes in both these artist’s lives, appearances and habits are deeply connected with the transformations of their work.

   His work is included in several public collections and exhibitions, most notably the Norton Museum of Fine Arts, Florida (2014), Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Caja de Burgos (CAB) (2017), Fundación Cesáreo Rodríguez-Aguilera, Jaén (2018).  His work is held in international private collections world-wide including The Ernesto Ventos Collection (Olor Visual), Barcelona and The Mittal Collection, London.  He was included in Francesca Gavin 100 New Artist (2011).